What is a “Dismissal for Want of Prosecution”?

A potential client recently called our office. He said that he has learned that he is being sued for a debt. However, this potential client has not actually been formally served with the lawsuit paperwork. After looking at the online county civil records docket sheet, he noticed that a “Dismissal for Want of Prosecution” (DWOP) […]

Judgment debtor bank accounts are being garnished…..

If you have had a judgment entered against you as a result of a credit card lawsuit, beware of bank account garnishment. It seems that, based on some recent calls to our office, several of the more aggressive consumer debt collection law firms in the state of Texas have stepped up their post-judgment collection efforts. […]

First steps in defending a debt lawsuit…

So you had a debt that you quit paying on some years ago. Perhaps you lost a job and couldn’t pay it. Perhaps a tragic medical situation left you without funds to pay seemingly harmless bills like this one. Or maybe you noticed that your minimum monthly payment amount skyrocketed because of an increased interest […]

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