The New Look of

For regular visitors and clients, you have already noticed the obvious: the website received a much needed facelift. For new visitors and potential clients, trust me when I say that it needed a little update (the old site was coded from scratch).  The content is mostly the same, but hopefully you find it easier to navigate. Since Lesser & Jordan is a small firm, I have the honor and privilege of wearing multiple hats: bookkeeper, lawyer, manager, IT person, and apparently web designer. So…..keep in mind that my day job is a lawyer and the site is still going through some changes and updates.  I was just so excited that I decided to go ahead and “put it in production” (see I learned a new handy web-design phrase).

It is still “” but currently you might see that the site is directed to “” That is just temporary until I can figure out the final steps in moving the site back to its correct home.

Feedback is always appreciated providing that it is constructive and from a real live human being.

Thank you and as always, we look forward to helping you!


Jessica Lesser