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Please complete the form below.  The more information you provide me concerning your problem, the better the information I can provide to you. Include in your description of your problem and explanation of how you have been affected and what the problem cost you.  It is also important that I know who you believe is responsible for your problem. Thank you.

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What kind of lawyer would I be if I didn’t have a legal notice on my webpage?

By submitting a request, you agree that you are seeking an informal discussion of your problem, not a formal legal review. It is not possible for me to give you specific legal advice based upon the small amount of information submitted in this form. By submitting this form, you agree that you understand this.

I will respond with a general discussion of your options and whether I think it is reasonable for you to take further steps towards obtaining legal relief for your problem. Although the information you submit to me can be kept confidential under the attorney-client privilege, I am not agreeing to act as your attorney at this time and you should not expect me to take any action on your behalf unless we enter into a written agreement for me to do so at a later time.

I practice consumer law and only consumer law. If you ask me to review a divorce, criminal or personal injury case, my case review is going to consist of “I dunno.” Please limit your submissions to questions about consumer problems.

I am a Texas lawyer. I am not familiar with the laws of other states. If you are submitting a case and you live in another state or your transaction occurred in another state, my review will probably say something like “I am not licensed to practice in your state.” You may have important rights under the law of your state that I don’t know anything about. If I think your case has merit, I will probably offer to represent you, but only if I can find a qualified lawyer in your state to assist me with it. The same goes for international transactions. I can only give you information based on the applicability of U.S. and Texas law, and I can only offer to represent you if a U.S. court would have jurisdiction over the matter.