Action Letter: Confirm Notice to Creditor That You Are Victim of Identity Theft

Send This Letter NOW! Fast action is the key to dealing with identity theft. As soon as you discover that someone else has stolen your identity you must notify the bank, credit card company or other institution immediately. If you wait as little as 72 hours, you can lose important rights and could be held liable for charges even though you didn’t make them.

Because acting fast is so important, you should call to report the theft. Typically this will be to the financial institution’s fraud or billing error department. You should have a number on your statement. If there is no special number, just call the general customer service number to make your report. After your phone call, send a letter like this one to follow up and confirm what you said on the phone. Customer service agents often take only limited notes of what is said on these phone calls. If there is a dispute later, your letter will be the best evidence of what was said.

May 4, 2010
Via Certified Mail, No. 8978 3245 3999 3876 2329

Credit Card Company
City, State Zip

Re: My Account No. 9898989: Identity Theft

To Whom It May Concern:

As we discussed on the phone this yesterday, I am the victim of identity theft. On the bill I received this month, I found 3 charges that were not mine:

4/3/10 Benny’s Auto Repair of Milwaukee $342.56
4/4/10 Big Willie’s House of Kites $121.99
4/4/10 Mississippi Prince Riverboat Casino, Inc. $323.22

I have not lost my credit card so I am not sure how this thief is accessing my account.

With this letter, I am confirming my request that this account be closed and a new card with a new account number be issued to me. I am also disputing these charges and asking that they be removed from the account because they were not authorized by me.


Jane Q. Consumer