Signature Line Disclsoures

Lawyers have lots of disclosures and notices that appear in signature lines fax cover sheets etc…and I don’t like to clog up my emails so I am placing them here and will update them from time to time.

Electronic Message Disclosure: This electronic mail message may contain PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL attorney-client communications and is transmitted for the exclusive information and use of the intended recipient(s). It is not intended to be read by or distributed to anyone other than the intended recipient(s). If you receive this electronic mail in error, please notify me immediately.

Tax Advice Notice Disclosure: Tax advice, if any, contained in this e-mail does not constitute a “reliance opinion” as defined in IRS Circular 230 and may not be used to establish reasonable reliance on the opinion of counsel for the purpose of avoiding the penalty imposed by Section 6662A of the Internal Revenue Code. The firm provides reliance opinions only in formal opinion letters containing the signature of a director.

Note to Prospective Clients: The rules governing lawyer conduct requires us to have a written fee agreement before we can legally represent you on a contingent fee basis – meaning all or a portion of our fee is paid or due to us contingent upon certain circumstances that are controlled by a contract. We take the approach that we will execute a written legal services agreement with any client regardless of the fee structure. Therefore, until and unless we have a signed legal services agreement, we cannot, and do not, represent you.