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My name is Doug Scott. I am a lawyer, but more importantly I am a consumer advocate. When you are dealing with someone who refuses to follow the law despite your best efforts to work out a fair solution, we can step in with the representation you need. We understand the frustration and anxiety you feel and our goal is to help see you through a difficult time.

In most cases you don’t have to worry about high legal fees. We take almost all of cases on a contingency fee or flat flee basis. We’ve posted detailed fee information in the “About Our Fees” page so you will know how our fees are calculated and paid before you ever contact us.

Don’t wait. Consumer cases must be filed within short statutes of limitation, and in some cases, you have only 30-90 days to protect important rights. Take advantage of our Free Case Review to be sure you aren’t missing an important deadline.

Free Guides For Handling Your Consumer Problems

Many consumer problems can and should be resolved without a lawyer. To help you do that, I’ve provided detailed Warybuyer Guides and example Action Letters that you can use to solve many consumer problems on your own. The Guides show you how to make the law work for you, not against you. Our Warybuyer Guides contain examples of letters that you can use and other useful tools.

Warybuyer Guide to Dealing With Identity Theft
Warybuyer Guide to Credit Report Fraud Alerts
Warybuyer Guide to Stopping Debt Collector Communications
Warybuyer Guide to Stopping Phone Harassment
Warybuyer Guide to Disputing a Debt
Warybuyer Guide to Texas Homestead and Asset Protection Laws
Warybuyer Guide to Correcting Credit Report Errors
Warybuyer Guide to Credit Card Errors and Chargebacks

For you lawyers out there, you can find our most recent paper on How to Defend Credit Card Lawsuits here.

Also, be sure to check out our Blog for recent developments on these issues and other news.

More About My Free Case Review

I’ll review your case for free if you use Free Case Review submission form. Tell me the basics of what happened, why you think it was wrong, and what you want to do about it. Fax me any contracts or other relevant documents. I’ll look over your case and tell you if I think it is something you should pursue. It’s not free legal advice, but it’s a step towards getting your case resolved. Be sure to read the disclaimer and terms and conditions (you knew I’d have them, didn’t you…) for all the details.