Action Letter: Gather Evidence to Prove the Identity Theft

Once you’ve notified the creditor of the identity theft, you need to gather evidence to show that the use of your credit was really a theft. The kind of evidence you will need will vary depending upon the kind of theft, but typical documents that will be helpful include account applications, statements and charge slips.

May 7, 2010

Via Certified Mail, No. 8978 3245 3999 3876 2330

Credit Card Company
City, State Zip

Re: My Account No. 9898989: Identity Theft

To Whom It May Concern:

As we discussed on the phone this earlier this week, I am the victim of identity theft. On the bill I received this month, I found 3 charges that were not mine:

4/3/10 Benny’s Auto Repair of Milwaukee $342.56
4/4/10 Big Willie’s House of Kites $121.99
4/4/10 Mississippi Prince Riverboat Casino, Inc. $323.22

I have already given you notice, both on the phone and in writing of this theft. I am now asking you to provide me with documents relating to the theft. Specifically, I want copies of the charge slips for these three charges and any documents you have that would show the address and telphone number for the merchants who submitted these charges.

I understand from my phone conversation with you, you require a copy of my driver’s license, a notorized affidavit on the form that you mailed to me, and a police report before you will release these documents to me. I have enclosed those items as requested.


Jane Q. Consumer