Example Letter to Debt Collector Disputing a Debt

Use this letter when you have an honest dispute over the debt. Be sure to include an explanation of the dispute.

Advising the debt collector in writing that you dispute the debt will require the debt collector to report to any credit reporting agency that the debt is disputed. In some credit scoring systems, disputed debts do not hurt your score as much as undisputed debts. Remember to be honest and polite. Don’t make up a phony dispute. If you have to sue, you will be made to look like a liar in front of the jury and your case will go right down the drain.

May 4, 2011
Via Certified Mail, No. 8978 3245 3999 3876 2329

Debt Collector
City, State Zip

Re: Sears Credit Card Account No. 9898989, Your Account No. 43098

I am writing to dispute the amount you claim is due on this account. You are trying to collect $250.34 from me that I have already paid. The actual balance on this account is zero, as I paid off the account in a timely fashion and requested that it be closed in October of 2010.

I have enclosed a copy of my statements from October and November of 2010, the letter requesting that my account be closed, and the letter from Sears confirming the closing of my account. The October 2010 statement shows a balance due of $250.34. The November 2010 statement shows that a payment in that amount was received on October 22, 2010 and shows a balance of zero. My letter requesting that the account be closed is dated October 15, 2010. The letter from Sears confirms that the account was closed at my request on November 21, 2010 with a zero balance.

I am requesting that you correct your records to indicate that I do not owe anything on this account. If you are collecting this account on behalf of someone else, I am asking that you provide them with a copy of this letter.


Jane Q. Consumer