Example Dispute Letter to Credit Reporting Agency

This should be a nice letter. It should be business-like and professional. You should avoid name-calling, threats, or angry ranting. Even credit bureau employees are human. They will respond more positively to a friendly request than a threatening demand.

Moreover, if you have to go to court, you want the judge and jury to see that you were as reasonable as possible and that you gave the credit bureau every possible opportunity to fulfill its obligations under the law. An antagonistic letter will only make you look unreasonable.

You’ll find the proper address for this letter on my Credit Reporting Agency Addresses page.

May 4, 2011
Via Certified Mail, No. 8978 3245 3999 3876 2329

Credit Reporting Agency
City, State Zip

Re: Credit Report Dispute

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing for your help in correcting an error on my credit report. I have enclosed a copy of the report for your review.

On page 3 of my report, the information for my Sears charge card account, No. 9837-2392-21 is wrong. The account is listed as charged off with a $250.34 balance in November of 2010. In fact, I paid off the account in a timely fashion and requested that it be closed in October of 2010.

I have enclosed a copy of my statements from October and November of 2010, the letter requesting that my account be closed, and the letter from Sears confirming the closing of my account. The October 2010 statement shows a balance due of $250.34. The November 2010 statement shows that a payment in that amount was received on October 22, 2010 and shows a balance of zero. My letter requesting that the account be closed is dated October 15, 2010. The letter from Sears confirms that the account was closed at my request on November 21, 2010 with a zero balance.

I am requesting that you correct your report to indicate that this account was paid as agreed and closed at my request.

Please investigate this dispute in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and provide me with copies of whatever information you obtain in the course of your investigation. When you have completed your investigation, please provide me with a copy of my corrected report.

I have enclosed a sheet listing all of the personal identifying information you should need to conduct your investigation. Please update your records with the information provided, and delete any conflicting information from my report.

It is important that you act promptly to correct this error. Last month I applied for a charge card from JC Penney and was turned down because of this error. I am currently shopping for a new car and hope to buy a new home in the next 3 months as well. This error will substantially impair my ability to obtain financing for a car and a home.

Please let me know if you need anything further from me to act on this request.


Jane Q. Consumer