Are you being abused by a debt collector?

Protection From Debt Collectors and Creditors

Are debt collectors threatening, harassing, or verbally abusing you? Are you suspicious that the “law firm” that is calling you is not really a law firm? Is a debt collector threatening to garnish your wages or foreclose on your house for a credit card debt or a deficiency on a car loan? Are you being called at work? Are they trying to collect money that you don’t owe or trying to collect a debt that is more than 4 years old? Is a debt collector trying to tell you that you have to pay collection or attorneys’ fees in addition the amount of your debt?

You do not have to let yourself be harassed by collectors. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Texas Debt Collection Act provide you with important protections from deceptive practices, harassment and abuse.

Read my guides to dealing with debt collectors and find out how to protect yourself. In most cases, you can stop debt collectors cold in their tracks with a simple letter that I’ll show you how to write. I’ve published 4 different guides to help you deal with the most common debt collector problems:

Warybuyer Guide to Stopping Debt Collector Communications
Warybuyer Guide to Disputing a Debt
Warybuyer Guide to Stopping Phone Harassment
Warybuyer Guide to Texas Homestead and Asset Protection Laws

My guides will help you deal with debt collectors and creditors who follow the rules.. Get a free assessment of what I can do for you by submitting my Free Case Review form.