Example of an Identifying Sheet

When you communicate with a credit reporting agency regarding an error, you want to be sure that they know who they are dealing with. This is particularly important if you are a victim of identity theft or someone else’s credit information is mixed in with yours.

The credit reporting agencies all use name, address and social security information to match information provided by creditors to your report. If you provide them with a complete history of this information for the 7 years that most items can be retained on your report, you make it harder for them to justify including someone else’s information in your report.

Important: Only provide this kind of complete identification when you are corresponding regarding an error. When you order a copy of your report, provide as little identifying information as possible. Your name, current address and social security number should be sufficient.

This is important, because if you give too much information when you request your report, the report you receive may not include information that is provided to creditors, who typically order reports based on no more than your name, address and social security number.

Example of an Identifying Sheet

Name: Jennifer Anne Robertson Gunderson (since 11/99), formerly Jennifer Anne Robertson (11/65 – 11/99)

SS# 452-96-3452, DOB: 11/29/65

Current Address: 3425 Restivo Lane, Dallas, Texas 75206 (since 11/99)

Former Addresses:

2106 Milburn Ct., Round Rock, Texas, 78734 (4/97-10/99)

1309 Fern Dale, Philadelphia, PA 20314 (9/94-3/97)

This list includes every address I have used in the last 7 years.

[Photocopy of Current Drivers License]