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There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

I created this website to give you basic information about common consumer problems and to help you solve those problems yourself using your common sense and the basic legal information I’ve provided. I don’t know the specifics of your legal situation, so it may be that the information and advice you’ve found here will not work for you exactly as I’ve laid it out. I don’t think I have given any advice that will make anyone’s situation worse, but that could happen. Small differences in the facts of individual cases can make big differences in the outcomes of those cases, particularly in this area, where the law is based on highly technical state and federal statutes.

For example, the advice I’ve given in my debt collection pages applies to consumer debts, not business debts. Let’s say that you have a credit card that you’ve used for both personal and business expenses. Because of some event in your life or perhaps an identity theft, that credit card account has been sold to a debt collector. If the total of your outstanding personal purchases is only 50% or less of the balance due, then none of the protections from harassment, threats, calls at work, calls to neighbors, or other debt collection violations you’ll find described on this site will apply to you. Consumer laws are full of hidden gotchas like that. If I tried to write about them all, this little web site would become a book and I wouldn’t have time to practice law.

The Disclaimer

By using this site or the information I’ve provided here, you agree that I am not your attorney, that the information you have found here is not legal advice, and that I am making no representations, promises, or guarantees that any information on this site will do anything other than entertain you, and even that will happen only if you are very easily entertained.

You agree that the information found here is presented AS IS. You accept full responsibility for verifying that the information presented on this website is accurate and up to date and for consulting with me or another attorney to make sure that the information is applicable to your individual situation. You agree not to assert any claim against me arising out of your use of this website or the information presented here and that in no event will I be responsible for damages in excess of $100.00 arising out of any such claim. Finally, you agree that in the event of an action against me arising out of this website or the information presented here you will reimburse me for my attorney’s fees, court costs, and expenses if you do not prevail.

If you want to avoid this disclaimer, hire me. Then I will be your attorney, I will give you legal advice, and I will take responsibility for the advice I give you.

If You Are Not a Texan (Native or Naturalized)

I am a Texas lawyer. I am not familiar with the laws of other states. The information on this site is based on U.S. law and Texas law. If you live in anther state or another country, the information on this site may not apply to you at all, or you may have different rights under the laws applicable to you or your transaction. Therefore, everything I said in the disclaimer above applies double to you.